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Raves for Dana’s Best Jump & Jam Tunes

Raves for Dana's Best Jump & Jam Tunes


Family Choice Awards (2017 Winner)
“Eggs will be shakin’, legs will be movin’ and little frogs will be jumping to these fun tunes.”

Parents’ Choice Awards
“Dana….sings in a strong and expressive voice about a range of subjects designed to get children moving. Jump & Jam Tunes features tuneful, original music, professional musicians, and a set of good songs written and performed by a skilled vocalist.”


Featured Artist: NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)
“. . . .inspire(s) children to move!”

Midwest Book Review
“…jubilant children’s music”

Blog Reviews
“. . . .a lively musical party of various musical styles, including jazz, country, rock, bluegrass and pop. . . .This album is a smart way to get in a little education and exercise at once.”

Kids Rhythm and Rock
“This high octane album is filled with songs that would be perfect during library storytimes, summer camp dance breaks or just getting the wiggles out at home.”

The Toy Book
“. . . .inviting kids to get off their screens and start dancing, jumping, playing and singing.”

Creative Blog Mom
“This collection is perfect for the family living room dance parties, pre-school circle time, and just jammin’ in the car on summer vacation.”

A Nation of Moms
“These songs are so positive and upbeat, little ones are happy to get moving and have fun!”

“Kids Music Worth Sharing”

Eat the Marshmallow
“…upbeat and positive, with lyrics encouraging pitching in and working together…get yer overalls and your dancing boots ready!”

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things
What a better way to get your class’ “ants out of their pants,” then having a dance party. They can shake out their sillies, and dance out their wiggles.”

Momma’s Bacon
“…a ‘musical party’ of sound, featuring various genres, from rock to bluegrass, jazz, country and pop.”

Mommy Makes Time
“We love this!”

“…jumps and jams with juniors”

Mama Likes This
“Pure fun”

Motherhood Moment
“…catchy tunes, the kind that are really fun to use in the classroom to get kids moving and stretching along with the beat.”

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