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Dana’s buddy and trusted loyal companion is the top dog. He’s also the goofiest doggie around! He loves telling silly jokes, fooling his best-pal Dana, and wagging his tail (a million miles an hour)! Rowdy is a pretty good saxophone player and can even scat sing (actually, scat bark)!

Rowdy loves to play frisbee and loves to play ball, but he’s got a big problem… he can’t catch– at all!! He hides bones everywhere… but, unfortunately, he can never find them!!!

What a silly doggie.

Rowdy is Dana’s best buddy, and he can be yours, too!

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    Rowdy is the most huggable star on earth!

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     Rowdy is Top Dog!

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     Dana is great but Rowdy carries the show. Not really. Ruff!”

Rowdy Joke!

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Learning to Dance

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Hiding Bones


Becoming a Star


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